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Kathy B.
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“We were unable to travel anymore because of our age, and we’d heard stories about losing our money and not being able to get out of the ownership of the timeshare. I was very pleased with your process. You were professional, available, helpful and you delivered. I would definitely advise anyone to contact your company.”

- Diane B., Arizona
“We have paid over $1000 on 2 occasions to two different companies - once organized on the phone and the other when we were in Florida itself. I have learnt that I will never buy another time share, and we are really pleased with your service. Thank you for your help!”

– Graham M., United Kingdom
“I would recommend to anyone. You were efficient and if I ever called, you always answered my questions honestly.”

– Joy & Joanne O., New York
“I went to two meetings with different companies that wanted to help me get out of my timeshare. It turned out that both were scams that put me off from dealing with these types of companies. Unlike these other companies, I think your company is excellent in the way they handled it for me, and I would recommend GiveBackTimeshare to anyone wanting to get out a timeshare. Thanks for your help.”

- Herbert K., United Kingdom
Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We let our success speak for itself. GiveBackTimeshare and our affiliated companies have assisted thousands of timeshare owners. Our experience and credibility ensure you will receive attentive service from our team of timeshare professionals. Closing is simple. We have partnered with a licensed, insured, underwritten, and bonded title company, Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. of Orlando, Florida. Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. has been handling timeshare closings for more than a decade. Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. will handle the mechanics of transfer of your timeshare to ensure you are free of any future liability.

We know your timeshare is a luxury vacation property that decreases in value over time while you retain liability for rising maintenance fees and taxes. Some resorts may retain value or even rise in value, but these resorts are the exception. The longer you wait to act, the more you chase the value of a depreciating asset. Once you have found the right exit solution and have transferred your timeshare ownership to someone else, you are free and clear of that liability.

Ask questions and make sure you are dealing with companies that have a proven track record. We and our affiliates are those people. We guarantee it.

For each timeshare owner we work with, we evaluate your unique situation, ownership, and goals, in order to recommend a solution that is right for you. For some of the services our company offers, we charge clients at the time that the service commences. That service may come before your timeshare is transferred out of your name, but it will never come before we commence rendering services to you as part of the process to get you out of your timeshare ownership. Some people confuse the idea of paying for timeshare advertising, marketing, or other required services with the much criticized “upfront fee” companies that do not deliver actual solutions. However, the two business models are not the same. Paying for advertising and marketing is often the most effective way to get out of your timeshare ownership, as long as the company providing the advertising and marketing for your ownership offers extensive exposure to potential buyers.

Some timeshares retain a portion of their purchase value. Other timeshares decline in resale value quickly—much like a new car does when you drive it off the dealer’s lot. If you and your family are using your timeshare, enjoying vacations there, then it is very valuable to you. But if you are not using it, or your timeshare ownership commitment is a financial burden, then its value (if any) doesn’t even matter. It is simply one more obligation and worry in your budget.

How quickly you are out of your timeshare commitment depends on the option you choose to get out of your timeshare, and other variables such as the demand for intervals or timeshare points at the resort you own. From the date of your agreement with, you will receive your closing paperwork within 7-10 business days. Your documents then must be executed, notarized, and returned to the Title Company. After that happens, your Deed is sent to the appropriate county to be recorded. Once the Deed is returned from the county office, the recorded Deed is then forwarded to the timeshare resort along with any required resort transfer fees for acknowledgment of transfer. Typically, the process takes 8 to 12 weeks, but can happen sooner or in some cases take longer.

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